Mario Kart Tour Rubies and Coins Hack

Mario Kart Tour Hack

Use our newest tool to get free Coins and Rubies!

Use our newest tool to get free Coins and Rubies!

Cheating in Mario Kart Tour

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Mario Kart Tour Hack

Upon launching the game for the first time, players start with either Toad, Toadette, or Peachette. Unlike other Mario Kart games, there are no weight classes between characters, but they are sorted by their rarity of unlocking them, via opening up randomized green pipes with rubies (which you can receive using our Mario Kart Tour Hack). There are three tiers of rarity: Normal, Super, and High-End. While the Normal characters are easier to unlock, rarer characters have a greater amount of starting points, have a higher top speed, higher coin-earning rates, likelihood of picking up mid-race weapons and items, and have more favored courses. Once players clear the tutorial, they are rewarded with a random Super-class character. Currently there are more than 35 characters and many many more will be added.

Best Mario Kart items

Banana is a Mario Kart staple and a great item to hold when you're in first place. The banana can be dropped on the track behind you, or thrown in front of you. If you hit a character, they will spin out. If the banana lands on the ground, any driver that goes over it will spin out. You can also carry it behind your cart to protect you from a single attack.
Green Shell is another staple of Mario Kart, the Green Shell takes out any driver it hits. Fortunately, they usually just go straight after being thrown forward or backwards but occasionally, they'll bounce off of walls and change trajectory.
Red Shell works in the same way as a Green Shell except that it homes in on other racers. If you launch a Red Shell toward an enemy, it will do its best to follow it over hills, around curves and into the air to take home out. It's possible to dodge a red shell with a tight enough turn, though, so don't consider a Red Shell a guaranteed hit.
Spiny Shell is one of the most useful items in the game, just in its ability to anger whoever is in first place alone. When you throw a Spiny Shell, often known as a blue shell, it will go straight after whoever is in first place, knocking out anybody in its way. When it gets to the front, it hits first place in an explosion-like fashion leaving them subdued for quite a few seconds.
Bowser's Shell is the largest of the shells in Mario Kart Tour and easily the most useful. When used, this giant shell that resembles Bowser's back, will position itself on the front of your kart. Now, all you have to do is drive near other racers and the shell will automatically take them out.
Mushroom can be used at any moment during a race to give you a temporary speed boost.
Super Horn blows away all incoming items and drivers. It's especially useful for taking out a Red Shell coming your way.

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How to Rocket Start?

A Rocket Start is a special boost that can only be used at the very start of a race. To make it happen, pull down on the screen once the 2 appears on the on-screen countdown. After pulling it down, hold it until GO appears on screen. When you see GO, release your finger from the screen a your racer will boost forward with a Rocket Start. If you release your finger too early, or pull down on the screen too early, your racer will stall leaving you motionless for a few costly seconds.

How to Throw Items?

Some items, like the Mushroom or the Bullet Bill, do not require a directional input. Others like the green or red shell do allow for an input and that direction is determined by the way you swipe your finger on the screen. To throw an item forward, swipe up on the screen. To thrown an item backwards, swipe down on the screen. If you want to receive free Rubies and Coins use our Mario Kart Hack!